September 30, 2022


"This place is the absolute best! Customer service is a high priority. Hector is very honest, very sincere, extremely professional, and friendly. It has been a while since I purchased a vehicle, and I was a bit apprehensive. That feeling quickly dissolved. It became obvious this was a place i could trust. Hector made the process painless and also quite enjoyable. The salesman, Emberto, is also a gem to work with. Yes. I was buying a used car, but I wanted it as close to perfect as possible. Emberto obliged, and when my car was delivered (Yes! They deliver!) it looked practically new. I thanked him and apologized for all of my requests. Emberto assured me that it was business practice to give the customers what they wanted. So, if you are in the market to buy a car, I strongly suggest visiting Amiri Auto Sales!"
September 3, 2022

"My family has purchased two cars from Amiri and will continue to buy only from him thanks to his honesty, openness, and track record with us. We are thrilled to have found him."
February 19, 2022

"We got a great deal on a Camry, owner was very nice and helpful"
October 30, 2021

"Best place to get newer cars. You won’t regret it, and Amiri is supper friendly."
April 14, 2021

"Bought a Mazda from Amiri and it’s been Fantastic! I called asking if I could test drive the car before I bought it, I told him I’d be there in an hour. I pulled up to the lot and the car was idling warming up for me to take it to my mechanic. I took the car, he gave me $20 for gas. He shows pictures of before and after he got it and what’s been replaced. He is very relaxed and doesn’t talk you into buying anything. It’s like buying a car from your uncle. The cars are a salvage title and have been in accidents. So rarely something may malfunction but amiri is good about taking care of you. I repair my own cars so I don’t worry about that much. He does give a small warranty on the engine and transmission, I believe 50,000 miles. My family has purchased 6 cars from him and plans on never buying new again! Pro tip check his website weekly he moves through a lot of vehicles!"
Amiri Auto Sales, Inc.